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Latest NEWS!!

April 2015

The first batch of "Club Airgun Targets" just before delivery...  For the new indoor range at Botley Mills run by the Gun Shop. It is a really cool range, with facilities for 10m pistol up to 25m rifle.  I think it will be a great place to go with some awesome airgun targets supplied by Gr8fun.


The range of new "Club Airgun Targets" March 2015

New  "Club" airgun targets created.  These have been requested by the local gun shop who will be opening an indoor airgun target range very soon.
There will be all sorts of different combinations available and if you would like something not listed, you know that all you need to do is drop us a line and ask... it really is that simple!

Jan 2015

Well, after  totting up the figures for 2014, it looks like Gr8fun Targets is manufacturing the largest range of airgun target products in the UK. We added over 30 new products in 2013 and just a few more than that again last year bringing our total number of airgun targets products to approx 90.
This rate of growth probably also  makes us the fastest growing airgun targets manufacurer in the UK too!
.. and with many more new Airgun and Air Pistol Targets planned for the near future we will continue growth at the same rate.

Remember!! 15% discount for all established airgun clubs (see "Important Links" section, top right of the page for more info)

Happy New year!
This one promises to be a good one. for the past two years we have expanded the range of products available by over 30 each year.  This year we expect it to be more than that!
The corded range of targets will be growing and an exciting new airgun target is currently being prototyped that will give a much more "real" feel for the hunter... watch this space!!

November 2014

Seasonal Specials Airgun Targets

HUGE savings with the latest "Seasonal Specials". Click the picture or  the categories menu to see what's on offer and how much you can save!





Sept 2014
The Zombies are coming!!!! The Zombies are coming!!!! 

Our latest addition to the corded airgun target line up .. a bunch of zombie targets! 
Sold individually or pack of 5 these are proving to be very popular!
Supplied with 50m of pu cord, a wire leader to stop the cord from being cut by a wayward pellet and a nice spike to make setting up as easy as possible

The corded target range will be expanding massively over the next few months so watch this space for the very latest designs.




NRA Airgun Silhouette TargetsJune 2014

Exciting times!!  Our CNC cutter has now been installed (not fully finished, but working) so new shapes and targets will soon be rolling off the production line!!  Watch this space!!...
.... Here's the first batch!!!  Some NRA style silhouettes on the cordless resetting airgun targets. (The RAM may end up being a little smaller as it is quite heavy for the resetting disk to lift..)

More shapes to come!!!  I've been working on the corded target too!

Jan 2014 our article in Gun Mart

Gun Mart magazine article image
Tim Finley very kindly wrote a piece for Gun Mart on the new Air Pistol and AirSoft Targets. You can read all about it here!
(Click the image to download the page as a pdf)

Reproduced with kind permission from Gun Mart magazine.

May 2014
After lots of planning we are pleased to announce the Gr8fun Workshops are going to be doubling in size over the next couple of months. In addition to the expansion new kit has been installed that will make development of exciting new targets much more rapid. There are nearly a dozen new targets on the drawing board at the moment that could be ready by mid Summer!  Watch this space!!

Terminator IPAS target vinylsJan 2014

New IPAS air pistol targets created for the Umarex Boys Club.  These Terminator heads have been made 10" high and have a vinyl image giving the photographic look. They came out better than I had hoped.  
You should be able to see these in use at the BSS. Don't forget to go to the UBC stand and have a go!!!  


October 2012    I've just been sent a video of my Air Pistol Silhouette Targets in action.

Tim Finley has kindly videoed them being shot.. I wish I could shot that fast and accurately!!

New Targets for Sept 2013. Airsoft targets and Air Pistol Targets Sept 2013

More new airgun targets.. Just in time for the Midland Game Fair!  This time there are two different Airgun Targets, both in 2mm steel.  The first is an air pistol or BB gun\airsoft target. Approx 4 inches high, simply stand them up... then knock the' down!
Hours of fun!! Trust me I know!

The second target is a 7" disk for the serious Airsofter.  A Tactical Training Target easy to hang on a nail or twig and perfect for target practice!  The Target  makes a wonderful "ding" when hit with a BB.


Pellet Drop Airgun Target
Aug 2013 

New Air Rifle Targets on their way!!  Ideal for all airgun users.
PDT Zeroing Targets are simple card airgun targets, small enough to fit in your pocket and double sided for checking zero or visualising the flight of the airgun pellet over different ranges. Complete with purpose designed spiked target holders, that also fit in a shirt pocket.



Gr8fun Targets new Rimfire Range



NEW!!! Rimfire Targets.

April 2013

Having attended a number of shows over the last 12 months or so, one of the most popular requests from our customers was rimfire targets.  After much testing and design changes Gr8fun Targets are please to launch the first of our new range of rimfire targets. Laser cut from 6mm sheet steel these disks are designed to withstand the impact of .22 high velocity rounds and the awesome energy of .17HMR.  
For more details check out our
Gr8fun Rimfire Targets section.


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The airgun targets are made from precision laser cut parts ensuring the only very highest standards are maintained at all times.
All components of the air rifle targets are bolted together using high tensile bolts to prevent issues with heat fatigue and weld fractures over a prolonged period of shooting.
All the airgun target assembly and finishing work is completed by hand which means every single air rifle target is checked properly before dispatch.


The Family at Kelmarsh Countryman Fair 2012


We are a small family business so customer service, quality and repeat custom are our priorities.

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